PN68 Partenavia

  • Passengers:          5
  • speed:                       135 Knots
  • payload:                 390 kg

Our Fleet

GA8 Airvan

  • Passengers:          7
  • speed:                       115 Knots
  • payload:                 530 kg

Reliable and safe aircraft for the Kimberley

Northwest Bush Pilots operate a fleet of Twin and Single piston-engine high-wing aircraft on passenger and freight-carrying charter flights. All aircraft are fitted with a two-way intercom system and passengers are provided with headsets for comfort and ongoing commentary . Every passenger is guaranteed  to get a window seat for the best possible view.

C177RG Cessna

  • Passengers:          3
  • speed:                       125 Knots
  • payload:                 280 kg

            North West Bush Pilots 

C210 Cessna

  • Passengers:          5
  • speed:                       145 Knots
  • payload:                 460 kg

Northwest Bush Pilots provides charter services in light land based aircraft to an area as wide as  600 nautical miles (1100 km) around Derby, primarily in support of stations and maintenance companies.

NWBP distinguishes itself through its safety record, on-time schedules, knowledge of the local area and ability to choose the best places to go at particular times.

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